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Members of the 2016-17 Dehon Formation Community

Members of the 2016-17 Dehon Formation Community

Meet our 2016-17 Dehon Formation Community

The Dehon Formation Community in Chicago is home to an international, intergenerational community of professed SCJs and those discerning religious life with the congregation. The community not only houses the initial formation programs (candidacy, philosophy and theology) of the province but also welcomes SCJs from around the world on sabbatical or in graduate programs.

hiding-longThis year the community includes five candidates (Luis Alonso Barrantes, Hoàng Lê Phong – “Paul”, Henry Nguyen, Patrick Skahill and Angel Romero, an ESL student at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology during the first semester), four SCJs in temporary vows (Fraters Justin Krenke, James Nguyen, Joseph Vu and Juancho Castañeda Rojas, who is currently doing his pastoral year in Brazil, two SCJs doing graduate studies (Father Joseph Mukuna and Brother Long Nguyen), our formation team (Father David Szatkowski, Father Andrzej Sudol and Father Bob Tucker) and Father Bob Bossie, who is retired.

“After 33 years as a parish priest I was asked to do ministry as a formation director,” wrote Fr. Bob Tucker, who is new to the formation program this year. “It is a privilege to be with our religious students and candidates in their journey as they discern their calling in life to be a member of the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart. My hope is that I, with them, will discover a heart burning within as Christ speaks to our hearts and to come to know him in the breaking of the bread and to know him in the faces of our brothers and sisters. As SCJs we are called to remember that ‘the Eucharist has its effects on all that we are and do… and who unceasingly throws us back onto the streets of the world in the service of the Gospel.’”

Click here to read the rest of Fr. Bob’s reflection, as well as autobiographies from our entire  Dehon Formation Community.

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Seminarians renew their vows

Frater James signs his vow renewal while Fr. David looks on.

Frater James signs his vow renewal while Fr. David looks on.

On recent weeks four SCJ students renewed their vows with the Priests of the Sacred Heart:  Frater James Nguyen (July 29), Frater Juan Carlos Castañeda Rojas (Aug. 9), Frater Joseph Vu (Aug. 10), and Frater Justin Krenke (Aug. 12).

“What drew me to the Priests of the Sacred Heart is the charism and spirituality found in Fr. Leo John Dehon’s writings,” wrote Frater James . “Fr. Dehon always found comfort in the knowledge that God loved him tremendously, which is symbolized in the burning Heart of Christ.  Fr. Dehon wanted us who are dedicated to the love of God to be living examples of the love that Jesus had.  I strive to live in that spirit of our founder daily through my religious vows: ‘In poverty, I desire to give all I have.  In chastity, I desire to give all I am.  And in obedience, I desire to give all I will become.’”

Reflecting on his vocation as a religious Frater Joseph wrote that “My vows continually remind me of my dedication to live my life’s intent on being united with the Heart of Christ and to be in community with my brothers.”

Frater Juancho (center) at one of the WYD gatherings

Frater Juancho (center) at one of the WYD gatherings

Frater Juancho said that his experience at World Youth Day solidified his commitment to religious life as an SCJ. “Today I said Yes once again to God!” wrote Frater Juancho after renewing his vows. “Renewed by my participation in World Youth Day and the message of Pope Francis to all of us to ‘not be afraid to say yes to Him,’  I renewed my vows as a member of the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart.  I do so with the strongest conviction that it is rewarding and amazing to say YES to God!  Truly, I believe that I have been called to be a servant of love and prophet of reconciliation following Fr. Dehon teachings.”

Click here to read Frater Juancho’s reflection on participating in WYD.

Frater Justin and his grandmother at his vow renewal

Frater Justin and his grandmother

Frater Justin was the last of our SCJ seminarians to renew his vows.  In a reflection that he gave prior to his renewal Frater Justin said that “God calls all of us to go out in any way we can to be a part of the world, not a part from the world. This is the message of Fr. Dehon. So today, before all of you, before Fr. John [Czyzynski], before my brothers in community, I very joyfully renew my vows and continue the message of Christ and of our dear founder, Fr. Dehon.”

Click here to read Frater Justin’s full reflection as well as view a few photos from the ceremony.



Frater Justin, Fr. Ed and Frater Juancho at WYD

Frater Justin, Fr. Ed and Frater Juancho at WYD

World Youth Day!

Fr. Ed Kilianski, SCJ, arrived in Kraków on Saturday to join the group from Our Lady of Guadalupe, Houston, at the World Youth Day activities. Fr. Ed wanted to attend WYD not only because of its significance in the Church, but also because of the significance of the group from the US Province: Fr. Ed had been pastor of OLG until his election as provincial superior in 2015. Most of the young adults in the group are people whom he knew as children at the parish, people whose families he was well acquainted with when he was pastor. 

From Krakow Fr. Ed writes:

The youth ministry program at Our Lady of Guadalupe, Houston, is teaming up with the US Province to organize a group to take part in this year's World Youth Day in Poland. Young people from the United States will be joining Dehonian youth from around the world at the gathering.

Our Dehonian youth in Poland

They have been keeping us on the go since I arrived on Saturday evening. There are more than 250 Dehonian Youth from approximately 19 countries including the U.S. and Canada. There is an amazing spirit among them. Many new friends have been made across cultures and borders. On Monday, Fr. Heiner celebrated Mass and gave a talk on mercy. He had the youth in the palm of his hand.


Tuesday we went from the seminary in Stadniki to Kraków. Thousands of young people are in the city from around the world. The spirit among them is incredible! Lots of singing on the streets and greetings among the nations. Each group carries its national flag. Whenever we passed a group from the U.S. there was always the chant of “USA, USA!!”

Wednesday morning the Dehonian Youth walked to the first and only parish church of St. John Paul II. In the afternoon they had  workshops on mercy and Dehonian Spirituality in language groups, followed by a cookout at the seminary in Stadniki. On Thursday we gather again in Kraków to welcome Pope Francis.

The SCJs from Poland have been most welcoming to us all. There is an excellent spirit of fraternity and community. I feel truly blessed to have this international opportunity with our confreres from around the Congregation. It has also been fantastic to be with the group from Our Lady of Guadalupe. Br. Andy has done an amazing job of organizing the pilgrimage for them.

Fr. Ed’s invitation (click on the video)

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Prayer is a vital part of the life of the community

Prayer is a vital part of the life of the community