The Spiritual Path

Dehonian Spirituality

"We contemplate the love of Christ in the mysteries of His life and in the life of people. Nourished by our attachment to Him, we unite ourselves with His oblation for the salvation of the world."
Priests of the Sacred Heart, Rule of Life Number 77

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The Spiritual Path

The Spiritual Path, consisting of ten monthly group sessions, forms the basis of discernment for commitment as a Dehonian Associate. These interactive sessions on the charism of Fr. Dehon and the spirituality of the Priests of the Sacred Heart use an adult learning process that begins in experience. After a commitment, renewed yearly, Dehonian Associates continue to meet regularly for mutual support as they put the Dehonian charism into practice within the family, a profession, or other groups of Church and society. Each session is available below as a PDF download.

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Session 1

Prayer card for Session 1

Session 2

Prayer card for Session 2

Handout for Session 2

Session 3

Prayer card for Session 3

Session 4

Prayer card for Session 4

Handout for Session 4

Session 5

Prayer card for Session 5

Session 6

Prayer card for Session 6

Session 7

Prayer card for Session 7

Handout 1 for Session 7

Handout 2 for Session 7

Session 8

Prayer card for Session 8

Session 9

Prayer card for Session 9

Session 10

Prayer card for Session 10